We are the DiscoBots

The DiscoBots have always taken to heart both the FIRST mission of “inspiring young people to be science and technology leaders” and the FIRST mantra of “Gracious Professionalism.” From our humble beginnings in December of 2007 we have been devoted to the task of exposing young people to science, technology, engineering, and robotics. Many of our team members had no robotics experience until the 2007 build season. With less than $1000 dollars, garage tools, and a small space in the back of a physics classroom, we built a robot that took us to Semi-Finals at the 2008 Lone Star Regional. In 2009, as a second year team, we won the Lone Star Regional and have collected over 8 FIRST awards.
We are always looking to extend partnerships with universities and companies. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.