Day 10 - Build Log

super structure

Monday was a CAD only meeting at Lamar

I have attached one image with the plates attached to the robot and braced in three different ways: a large c-channel like piece that Mitchell and I discussed, flanges with holes along some edges (like VEX pieces) and a large square tubing brace from the top of the robot to the drivetrain. If we use this we will have to modify parts of the plate so the brace does not interfere with the shooter and change the bottom of the sides so they are farther back on the drivetrain. I will work on making some of these changes tomorrow, as well as placing rollers for the collecting mechanism (assuming a spatula loading method) and motor gearbox mounts. If I can get on the website at Lamar I will put some of these pictures online.
The large hole in the side of the plate and the small holes above it are for wires coming from the power distribution in the drivetrain to the victors and for zipties. --SAM