Week 2 Day 1: Awesome Saturday Meeting

Programming: Our programers worked to finish the prototyping electronic test bed. They also worked with on-board vision tracking software which is currently identifying targets (although not entirely accurately and not tested yet on real target boards). We are trying to get the Laser Dragon back up and running to do demos and vision tracking with.

CAD: Today we worked hard to iron out the design of the body of the robot (between the shooter and the collection). We have determined robot dimensions and axis of rotation of the shooter module. Our goal now is to design the sheet metal side plate that will support the shooter and hold the rollers that will deliver the frisbees into the shooter module. Also, we are beginning work on figuring out collection from inside the drive train chassis.

Prototyping: We successfully got a linear shooter prototype working, however we could not seem to get the compression of the system to work properly and so there was not very much acceleration on the discs. Work will continue to determine the optimal dimensions. Also, we got blue steel up and running on the electronic testbed. Frisbees may bot be so difficult to traverse when they are right-side-up.

Other:We are developing a better system of taking care of our tools and equipment by keeping them more organized. We are ordering an electric chair for anyone who leaves tools out after a job