Week 1 Day 6: All around meeting

Shooter CAD Version 1

Today was a very productive day for the discobots. It was our second official BIG meeting of the season. We had many members of CVHS join us today and all sub teams seemed to be focused on their work.

Programming: All programming members have installed the Java and LabVIEW FRC softwares onto their computers and are successfully committing to the online repo. Code is already being written for a prototype drive train that we are building this week. Also, members of the control sub team are working to get vision tracking up and running on the driver station with RoboRealm. Message from Sam: Today we merged CVHS's 2012 FRC code with the discobots and added new code for java and labVIEW. We will be developing both in parallel throughout the season.We set up the new driverstaion laptop with the 2013 version and almost completed a control board with Victors for testing the drivetrain.Next time we will continue to work on vision and framework code for the 2013 robot.
Electrical: The electrical team has built a testing platform for prototyping and general systems that need access to programming and actuation. This "platform" consists of a c-rio, PD board, a few controllers, a breaker switch, and a side car.

CAD: The drive train sheet metal CAD is nearing completion and the first version of the shooter is also complete (needs final review). We have decided to make the first shooter module as versatile and as modular as possible to allow for many different testing configurations. Attached is a screen shot. Also, one member worked on determining the spacing of the collector within the robot. We still need to do experimentation with different collection techniques.

Website : members of the team met today to learn how to manage our website content. We look forward to seeing more content on the website soon.

Thanks to the Arthurs for providing dinner today!