Week 1 Day 4: Prototyping and Planning

Today was the first day that our team was able to work at Lamar.


We started off by making a very rough prototype of the shooter. We used a single CIM motor in a linear design to judge the results. Unfortunately the wheel that we used was not inflated well so we will get it up to pressure and continue testing. Other members worked on modifying an existing drive train to perform tests that will give us more information on how to build our drive train for this year.


Students loaded Java onto their machines and got them ready to program FRC robots. Team members from CVHS were able to make advancements on vision tracking using the Laser dragon and software obtained in the 2013 KOP.


We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of different heights and shooting angles today. We determined that we need a robot that is between 45" and 55" tall. We have chosen to focus on two main shots: the bumper shot and the pyramid shot. This will allow us to focus on specific abilities of the robot.


A nearly complete CAD of a sheet metal drive train has been developed early this year. A CAD model of the shooter is underway.

Thank you to Ms. Douglass for providing dinner.