Week 1 Day 1: Kickoff & Strategy

The game for FRC called 2013 Ultimate Ascent was released this morning. We will be back nightly to build and will post updates from here on out.

Today our team drove to UH Clear Lake to the kickoff of the 2013 FRC game. After the unveiling of Ultimate Ascent, our team picked up the KOP and met up at a mentor's house to discuss game strategy and season planning.

We developed a few strategies for playing the game:

  • The Commuter: No floor collection. Drives from feeders to goals and scores in the high goal. Moderate strategy.
  • The Eater: Sits at the feeding station and shoots long shots across the field to the 2 pt goal. Descent strategy if shooter is accurate.
  • Mnt Climber: Focuses on a 30 pt climb with a 6 point score in autonomous. Could grad colored discs and place them in the pyramid goal for max points.
  • All Around: Collection from the floor and descent shooting mechanism. Can hang for 10 pts on the pyramid.

Our team decided that the 10 pt hang is worth the design effort. We are not sold on 20/30 pt hangs due to overall complexity. We are going to be CADing all subsystems on the robot this year.