This page has additional information on FIRST and starting your own team.

Official FIRST

FIRST site Official FIRST site. Contains information about the objective and goals for FIRST, the year's challenge, team information, and general schedules for various events.
Game rules Specifies all the rules and restrictions for the year's game challenge. Should be read carefully.
Important Deadlines Important dates to remember for FIRST, including deadlines for award submission and payment due dates.
Q&A Forum Official FIRST forum that contains answers to question
about the year's game challenge.
LSR Website For information on the lone star regional, as well as past events.
LSR teams FIRST TIMS database indexes all registered teams for the Lone Star Regional
FIRST Scholarships FIRST scholarships enable students to pursue majors and careers in engineering, computer science, electronics, animation, digital design, aeronautics, and many other technological fields.
Safety FIRST considers Safety to be a key component of the FIRST Robotics Competition. To help teams understand the FIRST Safety Program, the FIRST Safety Manual provides information on the FIRST Safety Awareness and Recognition Program.

Required Documentation

Consent form Needs to be filled out by every team member and turned in during the first day of regional
Judges Survey Needs to be filled out by every team and turned in during the first day of regional
Team Roster Roster of all team members, also needs to be turned in during the first day of regional

Hardware Stores

FIRST Suppliers
Andy Mark Official supplier for the FIRST kit frame, wheels, gearbox, etc.
National Instruments Supplier of the 2009 Control System
Digikey Jaguar Motor control supplier
Innovation FIRST Supplier for Spike relay and Victor motor controller
BaneBots Can buy gearboxes for the FIRST motors
Bimba Custom pneumatic cylinder

Local Houston Stores
Trident Bulk Metal distributor
Brance-Krachy Co. Inexpensive master chain link and offset for all chain sizes
Houston Bearing Keyed shafts, bearings and #25 chain links
Regal Plastics Lexan sheets
EPO Various switches and electrical components
Martin Sprocket & Gear Different sprockets and gears
Grainger A wide selection of hardware

Online Stores
Servocity Wide assortment of #25 chain plastic sprockets
McMaster A wide selection of hardware
SDP/SI Stock Drive Products (gears, sprockets, etc)

Non-official Links

Technical Resources
Chief Delphi A helpful forum for FIRST participants. This site is run by team #47.
FIRST CAD library Provides many CAD models of the components used in current and prior FIRST robotic competitions
FIRSTbase This newly developed site is the Autodesk source for FIRST teams. The website is your destination to download free Autodesk software, access training, the Autodesk Kit of Parts, the Autodesk Design Competition, FIRST resources and team communications.

Team sustainability
FIRST nemo Non-engineering major organization is a support group and information exchange for those adult non-engineering mentors who help teams as part of the FIRST robotics programs.
Mentoring Veteran FRC teams are available nationally to help new teams who are just getting started. This link is a helpful how-to guide on the best ways to mentor other teams.
Team in a Box Request your free Team in a Box DVD and CD set, designed to help rookie teams and their mentors get started. Provided free of charge, compliments of Team 341.
NASA Robotics Alliance Project Once again, NASA is providing sponsorships to assist teams in developing self-sustaining FIRST programs in their local areas.

Robot Resources
Match Videos The Blue Alliance provides a plethora of videos from the regionals, showing other teams in action. This is helpful for scouting purposes.